pediatric pulpotomies in Trumbull

Pediatric Pulpotomies
in Trumbull, CT

If your child is suffering from a toothache, we can help with made-just-for-kids treatments like pulpotomies. Our team will be able to get your child out of pain and restore their dental health so they can get back to laughing and smiling quickly.

pediatric pulpotomies in Trumbull, CT

Why does my child need a Pulpotomy?

Pulpotomies are an alternative to pulpectomies (root canals) in kids who have infected baby teeth. Tooth infections can cause your child lots of pain, sensitivity, and discomfort. With a pulpotomy from a pediatric dentist, you can protect their oral health, restore their smile, and set them up for a lifetime of healthy grins.

Did you know…

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Proper at-home oral hygiene, regular dental visits, and a healthy diet can eliminate the risk of cavities and tooth infections in kids of all ages.

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Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist

Rest assured that your child is receiving top-notch, specialized care with our Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist. To be recognized by The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, doctors must undergo extensive training in the pediatric field in addition to their standard dental degrees.

Sedation Options Available

Did you know that sedation is perfectly safe for children? Sedation can help calm wiggly or anxious patients so they can receive dental treatments that may be hard to sit through normally.

The Benefits of Pulpotomies

Eliminate Pain & Discomfort

A toothache can distract your child from school, play, sports, hobbies, and other day-to-day activities. With a pulpotomy, you can eliminate pain, sensitivity, and discomfort, and get your little one back to their normal routine.

Protect Their Tooth

Left untreated, tooth infections only get worse. Your child could even lose their baby tooth prematurely, which is a serious problem. With a pulpotomy, their tooth will stay healthy and remain in place until it’s supposed to fall out naturally.

Avoid More Costly, Invasive Care

If your child doesn't get treatment for their infected tooth, they may need a tooth extraction and a space maintainer. This is more expensive, and tooth extractions are a more invasive procedure than pulpotomies. By choosing a pulpotomy, you can protect your budget and simplify your child’s care.

The Pulpotomy Treatment Process

Tooth Numbing & Preparation

To begin, your child’s mouth will be numbed. Then, their Trumbull pediatric dentist will use a dental drill to remove any damaged material from the tooth, and to create a small opening in the tooth, exposing the tooth’s interior.

Treating The Tooth’s Interior

Next, your little one’s dentist will use special tools to remove decayed pulp from the upper part of their tooth, eliminating the source of the infection. Then, they will apply a special medication to the inside of the tooth to help it heal.

Sealing & Protecting The Tooth

Once the pulpotomy is complete, your child’s dentist will place a pediatric dental crown on the treated tooth to seal and protect it from any further infection.

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